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Advertising and digital campaigns Advertising and digital campaigns

Advertising and digital campaigns

In order to address the right people with your offer, we will prepare a creative concept for you that will cover the entire campaign as well as a high-quality strategy for your online communication, and we will set up campaigns that captivate your audience.

  • Creative advert design In this step, we will come up with a number of creative concepts to choose from. And from here, the advertising campaign will begin to unfold.
  • Digital communication strategy As part of the digital communication strategy, we will define what, where and how to communicate in the online environment in order to deliver content and advertising that is relevant to your target audience.
  • Making ads (Digital/Print/Video) What we design, we also produce. Banners that are so crazy that everyone with Adblock will regret missing out on seeing them. Videos that everyone will want to watch. A print ad that people will take photos of on Instagram. We also draw up billboard designs. Although we don’t exactly like to do this now. Because of the visual smog.
  • Creating and managing digital campaigns We set up, run, test, optimise and evaluate your campaigns in the online space. Let your brand find everyone you want as well as those who aren’t even looking for you. Including remarketing a.k.a. those ads that chase you all over the internet until you eventually just buy the blender for your smoothie.
  • Cooperation with influencers We will reach out to influencers, i.e. the people influential in the online environment, who will communicate your brand to your community a.k.a. your prospective customers. Thanks to the natural communication of influencers, it’s easier for their audience to absorb the message of the ad.
  • Ad Grants The Google Ad Grants programme shows your ad in searches just like classic Google advertisements. The benefit of this programme is that your non-profit organisation receives $10,000 in advertising credit each month.
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 Branding  Branding


Not sure whether you should use informal or formal language in your communication? What photos to use? Or what emotion to broadcast to your audience? Maybe it’s because you don’t know the identity of your brand. We will help you define your brand and bring it to life.

  • Defining the brand Together, we will find the identity of your brand via an interactive workshop through simple tasks. From there, all further communication will unfold. Because a hero, sage or someone else from the remaining 14 archetype brands will be communicating differently. Who is your brand?
  • Brandbook We will prepare a manual that captures the identity of your brand and how to communicate, what images and texts to use or what emotions to evoke by brand communication in accordance with its identity. Whoever holds the manual, will understand the language of your brand. It’s like a dictionary, just completely different.
  • Digital communication strategy In the digital communication strategy, we define what, where and how to communicate in the online environment in order to bring you the content that your target audience will be interested in and entertained by.
  • Brand design A brand without a logo or manual design? It wouldn’t work. We will create a logo and a manual for visual communications, business cards and/or packaging that accurately reflect the identity of your brand.
Content creation Content creation

Content creation

Content is not like pizza in the sense that when it’s bad, it’s still quite good. Bad content is, in short, bad content. Our philosophy is therefore to create content for you that will have added value to your customers. It doesn’t matter if it’s a text, video, or photo.

  • Creating scenarios, articles, texts on the web Like with any content, texts should accurately reflect what they are intended for and how your brand wants to appear to your audience. Because a young brand of urban bikes and an expensive road haulier communicate differently. We will abide by this principle when working for you.
  • Vlogging/Interview/Product video Who isn’t making video content these days as if it weren’t nothing. We like to use our experience in producing both simple and more complex videos for your benefit.
  • Product/Report/Content photography Consistent visual communication is an important part of the presentation for every brand. In short, this means it’s not about an “everyone is a different story” sort of thing. We’ll create photos for you that people on the internet will save to their favourites, bookmark and share with their friends.
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Web creation Web creation

Web creation

It doesn’t matter if you’re selling clothes, doing bookkeeping or need a page to showcase your tattoo art. We will create a website that not only looks good, but also performs its role. At 120%.

  • Testing
  • Prototyping
  • User experience design
  • User interface design
  • Web analytics Besides sketching and coding nice looking webpage, we can set you the analytics, so you can easily see, who is visiting your page and what they do there.
  • SEO Optimizing the on-page SEO is a must, we can also deal with even the toughest requirements, for example redirecting your old URL addresses to your new web.
  • Developement (Frontend/Backend) We will create the site to fulfil your requirements exactly, whether it’s a simple presentation page using a WordPress theme, a website with a tailor-made design or an e-shop.
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Social Media Social Media

Social Media

Surrounding yourself with a community that looks forward to your content is a great feeling. We will help you build such community through quality communication on social networks.

  • Creating content on social networks (Text/Photo/Video) The key to success is quality text and visual communication that will make your audience entertained. And since each social network has its own specifics, we will create different content for each social network and follow the various indicators for evaluating success. Whether it’s on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or other social networks.
  • Social media management The content that we create for social media is reviewed and approved by you. We will then plan it, publish it, give it a boost and evaluate it. And in the meantime, you can devote your time to your business. Or your hobbies.
  • Designing and creating creative campaigns We will come up with a creative concept that the campaign will unfold from, defining what, how and on which social networks we communicate, and then we will create individual ad formats based on this. We will evaluate and optimise the campaign to achieve the best possible results. And the highest possible level of satisfaction for you.
  • Social media advertising Social networks are currently working so that unpaid content will only organically reach a very small number of users. We will therefore help get it to where it needs to be through targeted advertising. Because for every beautiful post that your audience does not see, another kitten becomes sad.
  • Community management Do your fans have a lot of questions? We will gladly answer them for you patiently and politely. Or impolitely and impatiently. It depends on what we agree on together.
  • Social media analysis Not all brands need to communicate on all social networks. We can help you identify those that are relevant to your brand.
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Our people

A group of people that looks forward to what they do. So, we are open and sincere both to our clients and to ourselves. We understand people both professionally and personally. We come up with great things together and we do the same quality job for our clients as we do for ourselves. Our certifications are always up to date. We are learning internally and externally. We have fun both at work and in the evenings over beer. And we love Party Alias.

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