In England, your non-profit organisation can receive up to $10,000/month with Ad Grants.

The Google Ad Grants programme makes it easier for your non-profit organisation to get donors, volunteers, or just raise awareness about your organisation. The Google Ad Grants programme shows Google search ads to people looking for non-profit organisations like yours.

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What is the Google Ad Grants programme?

The Google Ad Grants programme shows your ad in searches just like classic Google advertisements. The benefit of this programme is that your non-profit organisation receives $10,000 in advertising credit each month.

Register with us and we will contact you within 24 working hours. Together, we’ll go through all the steps you need to get Google Ad Grants.
To get $10 000/ in Google Ad Grants, your non-profit organisation needs to meet the terms of this programme. Together with our consultant, you will go through the terms and verify that your organisation is able to receive Google Ad Grants.
Before we run your campaigns through Google, we need to set communication goals so that we can evaluate the campaigns. Together, we will determine the goal that we will follow for the long term.
We’ll run your campaigns, optimise them on a regular basis to meet the communication goal and at the same time comply with the quality terms of the Google Ad Grants programme.

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Professionals you can trust

Our team focuses exclusively on non-profit making organisations, which means we have great experience in this area.

Daniel Lietava, PPC Ad Grants specialist

Daniel has years’ experience with managing Google Ads for commercial clients. Now, he wants to use his experience to help non-profits, their campaigns and to apply his know-how for a good cause within Google Ad Grants programme.

Jan Kalafut, Ad Grants Consultant

Jan is experienced consultant in the field of Ad Grants. He himself in the past used these grants for projects he was involved with. Later he’s decided to hand his expertise to non-profits, that can benefit from them.

Viktor Stefanak, Ad Grants Consultant

Viktor has lot of experience in the area of online marketing, web making and marketing in general. Project Ad Grants presents for him new opportunity to apply his experience in areas of his interest such as online marketing.

Of course, we are trusted
Google Partner

Our agency is a certified Google Partner agency specialising in search ads. Additionally, for the third time in a row, our strategic director has been recognised as a Google Certified Trainer in Slovakia, which is a title held by 15 people who are in charge of education for companies and people in the context of digital marketing and Google products. It serves as a guarantee that you are communicating with professionals.

It is important for us to understand what we do. We want to help as many non-profit organisations as possible and this can be ensured thanks to the Google Ad Grants programme, which has quality conditions that each advertising account of a non-profit organisation must meet. Therefore, we regularly learn on how to make your advertising as best as possible.

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