Details of Google Ad Grants programme and registration

11. 09. 2019

How registration works

  1. Check if Eligible

Before registering as a non-profit organisation with CharityDigital, it’s a good idea to verify that your non-profit organisation meets the legal forms required to accept grants in Google Ad Grants. You can find this out at the following URL: https://support.google.com/nonprofits/answer/3215869?hl=en&ref_topic=3247288

2. Registration with Charity Digital

If you have determined that you’re Eligible, then you can register with CharityDigital. CharityDigital is a company that represents Google in England and verifies whether non-profit organisations meet all the legal requirements in order to be eligible for registration for the Google Ad Grants programme.

3. Register / Sign into Google Ads

After successfully registering with CharityDigital and being assigned a Validation Token, it is necessary to sign in or register in Google Ads, where we will then create advertising for you. You can sign in or register through this address: https://www.google.com/nonprofits/account/signup/us?hl=en

What is CharityDigital / TechSoup

And why you should register with CharityDigital. 

TechSoup is a global partner of Google that verifies and ensures the relevancy of non-profit organisations in countries around the world. TechSoup simply gives Google information that it can activate Google Ad Grants for a given advertising account because the registrar is a real non-profit organisation.

In England, TechSoup is represented by CharityDigital – which performs the same function as TechSoup in other countries around the world. It makes work easier for Google and verifies non-profit organisations for them.

Why work with a digital agency?

  • An agency helps a client set campaign goals.
  • An agency employs a Google Ad Grants specialist – which helps reduce the risk of non-compliance with the terms set by the Google Ad Grant programme as opposed to when advertising is managed directly by the non-profit organization. So, it reduces the risk of a Google Ad Grants account being rejected due to non-compliance with the terms (which are described below)
  • An agency has experience with several non-profit organisations and transfers this know-how among all its non-profit clients

Why work with a company in Central Europe? 

  • We can ensure a lower rate than what you would find on the English market for the same quality of services.
  • The quality of legal, billing and legislative services provided by a Slovak company is the same as what you would get when working with a more expensive domestic company. 

What are the terms for Google Ad Grants – what do we need to follow in order not to lose our grants:

  • Lifting of the $2 bid cap when campaigns use the maximise conversion setting.
  • The requirement to maintain a minimum 5 percent click-through rate (CTR).
  • Non-profits can’t bid on branded keywords they don’t own.
  • Keywords must have quality scores of 3 or higher.
  • Campaigns must have at least two active ad groups with at least two ads running in each.
  • Accounts must have at least two sitelink ad extensions.
  • Accounts must have geo-targeting.
  • Most single-word keywords are prohibited.

Or you can view the current terms on Google Help: https://support.google.com/grants/answer/117827?hl=en


Our Fee is 12% of the real-spent credit from Google Ad Grants.

Our reward is tied directly to performance. A non-profit organisation will only pay for the credit that we actually use in the Google Ad Grants programme. This means that our motivation is to make the most of the resources we acquire from Google and bring you as many relevant visits and leads from campaigns as possible.

It provides a guarantee to our clients that we will regularly take care of their campaigns and strive to improve the performance of their Google Ad Grants campaigns. That’s why our reward is tied to the performance component and our monthly fee is therefore calculated on the basis of real spending from the previous month. 


By default, a contract is fixed for an indefinite period (if possible) with a 3-month notice period to withdraw from it. 

Price list valid for services performed outside of the contract: 

In the event that the client wants additional services that do not involve working with Google Ad Grants, the service is charged according to the following price list:

Who / What Price
Google Analytics Initial Setup 250 GBP / one time
PPC Specialist  65 GBP / hour
Account manager 50 GBP / hour
Graphic designer 65 GBP / hour
Programmer 65 GBP / hour

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